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AAU Urges Appropriators to Prioritize Investments in Higher Education, Research, and Student Aid in FY24 302(b) Allocations

AAU sent a letter urging the leadership of the House and Senate Appropriations Committees to prioritize investments in higher education, scientific research, and student aid in FY24 302(b) discretionary spending allocations. The letter noted that “these areas of the discretionary budget provide long-term dividends to our economic and national security,” and that “slashing these budget items will, in the long run, cost our country far more than any short-term savings they may seem to provide.”

The letter asked Congress to provide sufficient 302(b) allocations “to effectuate the CHIPS and Science Act” and to reflect the “administration’s recommended FY24 boosts in student aid – such as an $820 increase to the maximum annual Pell Grant as a down payment toward eventually doubling it.” The letter also recommended investments in key federal scientific research and education agencies and programs, such as the National Institutes of Health; NASA’s science, aeronautics, and space technology programs; and more.

Download the PDF