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Learning Analytics: Making Data Actionable

Since the inception of the iAMSTEM Hub at UC Davis and further enhanced by our participation with the Bay View Alliance and the AAU STEM initiative, actionable data and visualization has been at our core. We are in the process of developing an internal Data Visibility and Instructional Network (DVIN) that aims to understand, visualize and optimize the University instructional system by linking student data, instructional practice, learning gains, attitudinal shifts and longer term student outcomes. DVIN would provide information and feedback usable at the student, faculty, chair, dean and provost perspectives.

At this time we have: 

  1. Created a flexible tool to visualize undergraduate student flows at the major/departmental level that is being extended to go beyond graduation at UC Davis
  2. We are seeding the potential for widespread adoption of Pre/Post content and quality of thinking/attitude measures as well as classroom observation throughout introductory STEM courses- specifically in Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics
  3. We are piloting the Undergraduate Classroom Observation Network (UCON) for widespread observations in partnership with the university honors program and iAMSTEM student committee to enable 100’s of classrooms to be be observed multiple times each quarter.