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University of Pennsylvania

Children who eat fish at least once a week sleep better and have IQ scores that are 4 points higher, on average, than those who consume fish less frequently or not at all, according to new findings from the University of Pennsylvania.
Chemists at the University of Pennsylvania are expanding a new model that could be the first step towards better harnessing heat energy to power nanoscale devices.
Researchers at UPenn are exploring how the algorithms that conduct network analysis can be designed to guarantee certain privacy protections.
Despite several safe drug therapies available to help smokers quit, three-quarters report relapsing within six months of a quit attempt.
One senior at the University of Pennsylvania is working to improve history through museum design.
UPenn professor Kushanava Choudhury and his undergraduate students use the classroom as a lab for doing original social science research. The class of six asked: How are immigrants playing a role in the city’s revitalization?
University of Pennsylvania researchers designed and implemented a sustainable rainwater catchment and filtration system in Kimana, Kenya, where access to clean drinking water is a daily struggle.
An undergraduate student at the University of Pennsylvania studied a little-known dialect in the Ciociaria region of Italy and its complex relationship between two dueling political powers, Rome and Naples. He hopes that his studies will serve as a model for languages worldwide facing similar obscurity, proving useful to "anyone interested in the long term effects of conflicted territory and shifting national boundaries."
A new website highlights the innovative approach to teaching STEM education.
The University of Pennsylvania has been named a project site for the Undergraduate STEM Education Initiative, a multiyear, multimillion dollar project that aims to improve the quality of education in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.