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University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

The University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign is charged by our state to enhance the lives of citizens in Illinois, across the nation and around the world through our leadership in learning, discovery, engagement and economic development.

We will be the pre-eminent* public research university with a land-grant mission and global impact.

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Researchers at the Beckman Institute, with help from the Champaign Public Library, investigated the potential benefits of reading in improving memory. They found that regular, engaged leisure reading can strengthen memory skills in older adults, laying the groundwork for better practices in preserving our mental abilities as we age.
University of Illinois financial aid program, Illinois Commitment, provides financial awards to cover the tuition and campus fees for in-state students whose family income is less than the median family income in the state.
A team of scientists has developed an epidemiological model that shows how COVID could become endemic, like the cold or flu.
Illinois chemical and biomolecular engineering professor Xiao Su and colleagues found an economical and sustainable method for lithium-ion battery recycling
A University of Illinois analysis of 70 years of data reveals that tundra fires are accelerating that decline, contributing disproportionately to a phenomenon known as “thermokarst,” the abrupt collapse of ice-rich permafrost as a result of thawing.
A new University of Illinois study demonstrates how modern top-down models that account for climate-related factors combined with traditional bottom-up tectonic models can help uncover the perplexing history of the Andes Mountains.
Analyses from University of Illinois researchers show that, underneath all the variants and waves, COVID-19 has been cycling seasonally across the globe for nearly two years.
Researchers at University of Illinois developed a new method to determine how antibiotics with specific chemical properties thread their way through tiny pores in the otherwise impenetrable cell envelopes of Gram-negative bacteria.
A relatively simple device in your smartphone that counts steps, among other things, also has the capacity to be used as a listening device, according to researchers at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.
The University of Illinois System has received emergency use authorization (EUA)  from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for covidSHIELD, its innovative saliva-based COVID-19 test that was used on the U of I campuses to hold the virus in check by utilizing widespread testing with rapid results.