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University of Florida

At University of Florida, our students utilize more than 200 research, service and education centers, bureaus and institutes. With some of the most future-focused facilities led by some of the best minds in their fields, it’s no wonder UF is consistently ranked among the nation’s top universities. 

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New University of Florida research highlights that one of the most well-known stock-level investor behaviors, the disposition effect, is strongly moderated by portfolio-level outcomes.
A new study suggests that in crowded settings such as prisons, masking, improved ventilation, and distancing may help prevent new COVID-19 infections among people who have been vaccinated or previously infected.
Nine out of 10 dogs chose food over toys in the first study of its kind, conducted by University of Florida psychologists.
Scientists collected high-quality DNA from footprints made by one of the researchers on an uninhabited island. Sequencing the DNA revealed identifiable information about the participant's genome.
Researchers from the University of Florida and the Seattle Aquarium are exploring 100 meters underwater in the Pacific Northwest this summer to learn more about mysterious ghost sharks
New study featuring data from the NASA Mars Perseverance rover reports on an instrumental detection potentially consistent with organic molecules on the Martian surface, hinting toward past habitability of the Red Planet.
Many gardeners will tell you that aphids are the bane of their existence. According to a new study from the University of Florida, these tiny pests also pose problems for the iconic monarch butterfly.
A new commission report outlines the global burden caused by sickle cell disease and identifies the need for important governmental commitments and investments.
A team of researchers has develop a new method for recycling that promises to lower the energy requirement without sacrificing the quality of the plastic.
New research shows that the digital elevation map produced by drone-based lidar can accurately determine the condition of an oyster reef with much less time and labor.