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University of Maryland, College Park

A UMD-led research team has developed a predictive model that can warn of dangerous drops in blood pressure before these occur in intensive care units.
A team of seven University of Maryland engineering students has developed a low-cost tool to diagnose Alzheimer’s disease before patients show symptoms.
University of Maryland President Wallace D. Loh explains why he will participate in the "March for Science" on April 22, 2017 in Washington, D.C.
The Maryland Cybersecurity Center (MC2) brings together University of Maryland faculty and researchers from computer science and engineering with colleagues from across campus in fields such as economics and the social sciences to establish broad-based cybersecurity initiatives.
Dan Mote, president of the University of Maryland, College Park, addressed the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on the impact of visa regulations on the educational and research enterprise of the nation.
The University of Maryland's Terrapin Teachers is an innovative program designed to address the need for more science and math teachers by preparing future teachers who are truly grounded in their disciplines and can effectively communicate not only the subject material, but also the excitement of discovery.
The Host Pathogen Concept Inventory (HPI CI) was developed as a way of measuring the effectiveness of various curricular initiatives within the University of Maryland (UMD) microbiology degree program. It is an online instrument that consists of 18 multiple-choice questions validated through an iterative process.
The University of Maryland's Marquee Courses addressed the national need for an appreciation and understanding of how science, technology, engineering, and mathematics can provide solutions to present and future world challenges. They are now part of the General Education Program's I-Series courses.
The University of Maryland is the flagship campus of the state’s higher educational system and a top-ranked public research institution.
The University of Maryland, College Park has established several initiatives to improve undergraduate education in STEM disciplines and to implement robust, evidence-based reforms. One of which is a new introductory course in biology and physics that focuses on mastery of complex physical, chemical, mathematical, and biological concepts.