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University of Colorado Boulder

As one of 34 U.S. public research institutions belonging to the prestigious Association of American Universities—and the only member in the Rocky Mountain region—our goal at CU Boulder is to directly affect Colorado communities through collaborative research, innovation and entrepreneurship. Our faculty, staff and students work with the broader community to establish unique connections that have lasting outcomes—both across Colorado and around the world.

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With a new grant from the NIH, a team of computer scientists hope to develop a “person-centered artificial pancreas” that uses real-time cues from our devices.
Professors from CU Boulder collaborate with Solid Power to double the energy density of a rechargeable battery.

CU Boulder researchers have discovered a protein’s crucial role in helping breast and ovarian tumors survive and thrive and have found that suppressing that protein kills cancer cells without harming healthy ones.

according to new research, streamflow is increasing in Alaskan rivers during both spring and fall seasons primarily due to increasing air temperatures over the past 60 years.
Fundraising will supplement program, help offset other costs for Colorado residents with most financial need
Researchers from the University of Colorado, Boulder have published designs for a new kind of “artificial muscle” that can power robotic arms and legs with life-like movements.
Scientists report that a new laser-based breathalyzer powered by AI can detect COVID-19 in real-time with excellent accuracy.
University of Colorado Boulder Chancellor Philip DiStefano explains how the university is working to educate and protect students from the threat of fentanyl.
Findings from a team of biologists and engineers at CU Boulder using worms could one day help doctors treat humans with Parkinson’s disease and similar illnesses.
In a new study, an international team of astrophysicists have discovered six potential massive galaxies that should not be possible under current cosmological theory.