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Rutgers University - New Brunswick

Researchers built on earlier studies of the so-called pleasure hormone showing that the release of oxytocin is essential not only for the onset of nursing but also the initiation of other maternal behaviors.
Newborns at risk for Type 1 diabetes because they were given antibiotics may have their gut microorganisms restored with a maternal fecal transplant, according to a Rutgers study.
Antibiotic exposure early in life could alter human brain development in areas responsible for cognitive and emotional functions, according to a Rutgers researcher.
A Rutgers expert discusses how the legalization of cannabis could widen gaps in health and social equity for pregnant women, new mothers and their children.
The dean of Rutgers School of Public Health discusses what the near future of the pandemic looks like
Levels of potentially health-threatening chemicals rise with years of service, Rutgers study finds
Study suggests reducing fishing and addressing environmental changes would help cod recover
Higher groundwater levels linked to sea-level rise and increased flooding from storm surges and very high tides are likely leading to "ghost forests" filled with dead trees, according to a Rutgers study.