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Rutgers University - New Brunswick

Levels of potentially health-threatening chemicals rise with years of service, Rutgers study finds
A Rutgers maternal-fetal physician discusses what pregnant women should consider when deciding whether or not to get the vaccine
Study estimates fishes contribute about 16 percent of the sinking carbon in feces that goes into upper ocean waters
A Rutgers expert discusses the need for increased precautions around gas appliances and other CO sources
A Rutgers-led study has shed new light on why rocks "rusted" on Earth 200 million years ago, when greenhouse gas levels were high enough to be a model for what our planet may be like in the future.
People with severe COVID-19 who had secondary bloodstream infections were sicker, had longer hospital stays and worse health outcomes, Rutgers study finds
A Rutgers infectious disease expert explains why the flu vaccination is more important this year
Program helps parents of children with autism unable to participate in in-person trainings, such as during the pandemic, says a Rutgers researcher