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Rutgers University - New Brunswick

The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting the sexual and reproductive health of adolescents and young adults because of social distancing as well as limited access to contraceptive care, according to a sexual and reproductive health researcher at the Rutgers School of Public Health who recently published an article on the topic.
Rutgers expert explains why COVID-19 pandemic poses additional difficulties, risks to people with HIV
Rutgers engineer’s mathematical model can predict cumulative deaths in U.S.
A Rutgers-led study in Colombia can help health care providers across the globe develop plans to improve surgical care access in their regions.
An inexpensive and readily available saline solution can be used to safely store and transport coronavirus samples and help resolve a nationwide shortage of the solution needed to complete COVID-19 testing, according to Rutgers researchers.
Recent reports from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show a decline in routine child vaccinations during the COVID-19 pandemic, prompting medical experts to sound the alarm about the importance of these essential vaccines.
Children, teens and young adults are at greater risk for severe complications from COVID-19 than previously thought and those with underlying health conditions are at even greater risk, according to a study coauthored by a Rutgers researcher.
A Rutgers clinical trial is testing an oral anti-inflammatory drug that could provide early intervention to regulate immune response to virus
Rutgers University announced today that it has launched the nation’s largest prospective study of health care workers exposed to COVID-19
A Rutgers expert discusses the best ways to protect your eyes