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The Pennsylvania State University

Students who think their parents are more accepting of drinking alcohol tend to drink more in college, according to researchers. 
Recent trends and popular advice telling moms not to sleep with their babies may make mothers who do choose to co-sleep with their infants more likely to feel depressed or judged, according to Penn State researchers.
Researchers have identified 15 genes that determine our facial features.
A Penn State research team has shown that it is possible to rapidly break down solid and liquid human waste to grow food with a series of microbial reactors.
A recent study suggests that people in the U.S. largely agree about what makes them feel loved, coming to a general consensus that it may be small gestures that matter most.
Plant-based sensors that measure a leaf's thickness and ability to store an electrical charge can tell farmers when crops need water, Penn State researcher said.
Inflammation is traditionally thought of as a symptom of sleep apnea, but it might actually precede the disorder, according to Penn State researchers.
Indiana University President Michael A. McRobbie and several of his Big Ten and AAU presidential colleagues met April 25 on Capitol Hill with U.S. House of Representatives Speaker Paul Ryan.
Scientists have discovered a novel drug target and have rescued functional deficits in human nerve cells derived from patients with Rett Syndrome, a severe form of autism-spectrum disorder.
While the relationship between genetic factors and outcomes after brain injury is beginning to receive more attention recently, little study has been devoted to specific genes and their effects on concussion recovery.