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New York University

Andrew Hamilton, president of New York University, calls a State Department plan to restrict visas for Chinese graduate students "too blunt an instrument" to protect U.S. research from theft in this commentary published by The Washington Post.
High school seniors who use heroin commonly use multiple other drugs—and not just opioids, according to a new study.
Engineers at New York University have made a discovery that could lead to Star Trek-like biosensor devices capable of flagging the barest presence of a specific virus in blood or sniffing out airborne chemical warfare agents.
We’ll pay more for the unhealthy foods we crave, and the amount we will pay gets disproportionately higher as the portions get larger, a new study shows.
Researchers have identified a previously unknown feature of human anatomy called interstitium with implications for the function of all organs, most tissues, and the mechanisms of most major diseases.
NYU’s Holly Hagan, a co-director of the Center for Drug Use and HIV/HCV Research and professor at the Rory Meyers College of Nursing, is a nurse and epidemiologist whose research has focused primarily on the infectious disease consequences of substance abuse.
Andrew Hamilton, president of New York University, calls for an end to the "know-nothing approach" toward guns and proposes a resumption of research pertaining to gun violence.
Scientists are developing a rapid diagnostic test for the Zika virus that uses saliva.
The drop in violent crime in the United States since the 1990s coincides with an explosion of community groups, a New York University researcher says.
Researchers at New York University are tackling one of the major challenges in agriculture: How to raise healthy plants while minimizing the use of fertilizer and the leaching of fertilizer chemicals into the environment, which sometimes results.