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New York University

The drop in violent crime in the United States since the 1990s coincides with an explosion of community groups, a New York University researcher says.
Researchers at New York University are tackling one of the major challenges in agriculture: How to raise healthy plants while minimizing the use of fertilizer and the leaching of fertilizer chemicals into the environment, which sometimes results.
Children exposed to 9-11 dust from the World Trade Center towers have elevated levels of artery-hardening fats in their blood, a New York University study shows.
Andrew Hamilton, president of New York University and an organic chemist, writes about the urgency and importance of the March for Science.
A team of chemists has developed a method to yield highly detailed, three-dimensional images of the insides of batteries. The technique, based on magnetic resonance imaging, offers an enhanced approach to monitor the condition of these power sources in real time.
Award-Winning Smartphone-Enabled Technology Tracks Progress and Uses Gamification to Motivate Patients
Cognitive impairment is one of the core symptoms of multiple sclerosis (MS)—and one of its most troubling concerns for many people with the condition. Now, a new study from NYU Langone Medical Center may provide hope for symptomatic relief for some of the cognitive issues associated with the neurological disease.
An undergraduate students at New York University (NYU) and McGill University found that monolingual infants expect others to understand only one language, while bilingual infants do not hold the same expectations.
New York University’s mission is to be a top quality international center of scholarship, teaching and research.