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Michigan State University

Michigan State University Spartans work every day to advance the common good in uncommon ways. Together we tackle some of the world’s toughest problems to find solutions that make life better. 

The nation’s pioneer land-grant university, MSU is one of the top research universities in the world. Home to nationally ranked and recognized academic, residential college, and service-learning programs, MSU is a diverse community of dedicated students and scholars, athletes and artists, scientists and leaders.

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Sleep may influence an eyewitness’s ability to correctly pick a guilty person out of a police lineup, according to Michigan State University researchers.
A new study at Michigan State University provides further evidence that a simple scratch-and-sniff test could predict Parkinson’s disease even earlier than previously thought.
Michigan State University scientists now have early proof that an antidepressant drug that’s been around for more than 50 years could slow the progression of Parkinson’s.
A protein released from fat in the body can cause a non-cancerous cell to become cancerous, according to a new Michigan State University study.
A new MSU study on emergency room patients shows just how much of a role a person’s cholesterol plays, when in a crystallized state, during a heart attack.
MSU researchers are working to eliminate or reduce the Varroa mite, the number-one suspect of honeybee population declines worldwide.
Michigan State researchers are working to stop a rogue gene that can cause two rare diseases in children when they are only a few days old.
Scientists at Michigan State University are studying plant defenses n order to develop tougher crops.
Giving birth at home is the most significant risk factor for neonatal deaths in major sections of Africa – a continent that continues to be plagued by the highest neonatal mortality rates in the world, indicates a new study by Michigan State University scholars.
The audio breakthrough could eventually lead to such consumer products as a foldable loudspeaker and a talking newspaper.