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Meredith Asbury

Assistant Vice President for Government Relations and Public Policy

Meredith has served at AAU since July 2015. As Assistant Vice President for Government Relations and Public Policy, Meredith is responsible for funding and policy issues related to science and security, facility and administrative costs, research integrity and misconduct, regulatory reform, graduate and postdoctoral education advocacy, and social science research advocacy. She leads AAU activities relating to the Golden Goose Award (GGA) and the AAU-APLU Science and Security Working Group (SSWG). She also co-staffs the Senior Research Officers (SRO) and supports the activities of the Council for Federal Relations (CFR) constituent groups.

Before joining AAU, Meredith worked in graduate student services at George Mason University. Her primary duties focused on the academic support of graduate students as well as assisting in the planning and execution of numerous events including new student orientation and the school’s graduation ceremony.

Meredith earned her Master of Public Administration (MPA) with a concentration in nonprofit management from George Mason University and her undergraduate degrees in Political Science and French from The Ohio State University.