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Federal Relations

Julia Jester began at AAU in January 2020. Her primary responsibilities as Associate Vice President for Federal Relations include policies and funding for the National Science Foundation (NSF), the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), and research integrity.

Jillian Gates supports AAU’s constituent and public outreach operations by the timely drafting, delivery, and placement of AAU’s member communications and other related communications products. 

Meredith is responsible for policy projects and assisting with federal relations activities relating to immigration, science and security, technology transfer, economic development/engagement, and regulatory reform.

Lizbet Boroughs has served at AAU since April 2015.

Mollie Benz Flounlacker has served at AAU since January 2000.

Matt Owens has served at AAU since April 2002. As Executive Vice President and Vice President for Federal Relations, he provides strategic leadership and management to the association’s priorities.