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President Snyder Welcomes New Policies to Attract and Retain International STEM Talent

The following is a statement from Association of American Universities President Barbara R. Snyder about new Biden administration actions to attract and retain international STEM talent.

I commend the Biden administration’s announcement today that it will put in place new policies designed to help the United States attract and retain international talent.

By expanding the types of degrees that qualify as STEM and enabling all international STEM graduates to remain in our country for 36 months, including those undergoing Optional Practical Training, the new policies will help ensure that students trained and educated in the United States will have the opportunity to continue to contribute to our economic success.

In addition, the new guidance on the O-1 and J-1 classifications along with the National Interest Waiver brings more transparency to each classification and expands opportunities for the best and brightest to enter and remain here after graduation.

We applaud the administration for its continued commitment to ensuring that our nation maintains its innovative edge and to attracting the world’s best talent to our shores.

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