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AAU Expresses Support for Innovative Approach to Providing Needed NSF Funding

The following is a statement from the Association of American Universities regarding the Spectrum and National Security Act of 2024 (S.4207).

As Congress advances the FY25 appropriations process, AAU continues to call attention to the critical need for additional funding for the National Science Foundation.

Consequently, AAU is pleased to see the authors of the Spectrum and National Security Act of 2024 (S.4207) have recognized the need to enhance our national innovation capacity by directing some revenues to fund research and infrastructure at NSF and the National Institute of Standards and Technology to achieve funding levels previously authorized by Congress.

Creative mechanisms to support critical scientific research in the United States are welcomed in times of tight budgetary constraints and particularly given the significant FY24 funding reductions to the NSF. While we recognize the challenges associated with negotiating spectrum policy, we encourage Congress to work constructively to resolve remaining differences and advance into law the one-time funding for NSF and NIST contained in this legislation.

While we are hopeful Congress can reach agreement on this innovative funding mechanism, these new funds are but a short-term means to buttress the sustainable annual appropriations that are needed to fund American science at the levels required to ensure continued U.S. technological leadership in the world, economic competitiveness, and national security.

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