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What We Want the Supreme Court to Know About Race and Admissions

By University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Chancellor Kevin Guskiewicz:

On Oct. 31, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill will appear before the U.S. Supreme Court to argue that diversity on campus is essential. We are making our case for the value of diversity not only for our campus but for the thousands of colleges and universities that have been working for decades to provide the opportunity of higher education to all Americans who want to go to college.

As chancellor of UNC-Chapel Hill and a member of the faculty for 27 years, I have a front row seat to the impact of a diverse student body and why it is important for the future of our nation. If we take seriously our obligation, as outlined in our charter, to “prepare a rising generation” for the responsibilities of our democracy, we must ensure graduates are ready to embrace this country’s remarkable pluralism.

Race is only one aspect of that diversity, but it is critical, and we cannot have the diverse environment we need without taking it into account.

Every year, we welcome students from all walks of life and teach them how to live and learn together. We prepare them for our global society by providing a rich experience where they learn to think critically, embrace differences, and forge common ground — qualities we know employers need.

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