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Keep the Lights On: Science Funding Must Be National Priority

"Close your eyes and imagine an America blazing with innovation — a nation crisscrossed by a network of “idea factories” humming with inquiry and industry, where some of our most creative and dogged thinkers develop practical solutions to our most pressing problems in medicine, energy, defense, transportation, agriculture and more," writes Nicholas S. Zeppos, chancellor of Vanderbilt University. "Now open your eyes and see that these places already exist. For well over a century, innovations by America’s research universities have made America stronger.

"In passing the omnibus appropriations bill for fiscal 2017 last month, Republicans and Democrats found the common ground to restore and even increase federal research dollars," he continues. "With this week’s White House budget request proposing dramatic cuts to federal research and education funding, America needs Congress to step up again."

Read the full article in the Opinion section of The Hill.