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Student Aid Alliance Amends Requests For FY19 Federal Financial Aid Funding

The Student Aid Alliance has amended their funding requests for House and Senate appropriations leaders.

In the letter, the Alliance requested additional funding for 6 programs:

  • PELL GRANT: The Pell Grant maximum should be increased to $6,230.
  • CAMPUS BASED AID: In order to restore the purchasing power of these programs, Congress should fund them at their pre-sequester levels, adjusted for inflation. For SEOG, that would be $1.028 billion and for FWS it would be $1.434 billion.
  • TRIO: The Federal TRIO programs should be increased to $1.07 billion. 
  • GEAR UP: GEAR UP should be funded at the $375 million.
  • GRADUATE ASSISTANCE IN  AREAS OF NATIONAL NEED (GAANN): Graduate education should be funded at $48 million, the pre-sequester high water mark for funding graduate education in the humanities, adjusted for inflation. 
  • LEAP GRANTS: Leveraging Educational Assistance Partnership grants should be funded at $65 million.

Download the PDF