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Multi-Organization Letter on FY18 Research Budget

This multi-organization letter urges leadership in the House and Senate to reject Administration-proposed cuts to science as they begin crafting the fiscal year 2018 appropriations.

Congressional leaders are urged to consider the following points in their deliberations:

  • America’s research and development (R&D) enterprise has made our nation the world’s preeminent, most effective, and sought-after partner for innovation.
  • U.S. investments in science R&D have created millions of jobs in public and private sectors, enhanced state economies, and generated commercial growth.
  • Decreased investment would have significant impacts on our country’s long-term competitiveness and lead to an American innovation deficit.
  • America must support its research and innovation infrastructure to enable further investment in skilled workers, high technology tools, and creating tomorrow's discoveries.
  • For many decades, the American people and our economy have reaped the enormous benefits of federally-supported research. It is time again for the bipartisan foresight of U.S. policymakers to prevail in support of research.

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