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AAU Higher Education Legislation

Higher Education Legislation

AAU supports higher education legislation that promotes college access and affordability. The policies that govern universities live in a bill called the Higher Education Act (HEA). Specifically, some of the issues the HEA directs include: 

- Accreditation 
- Graduate Education 
- International Programs 
- Federal Student Aid, including the Pell Grant 

The HEA was first passed in 1965, and must be renewed every five years. As a result, the law must be negotiated and approved again by Congress through a process called reauthorization. However, this has not happened since 2008. Though the HEA hasn't been reauthorized since 2008, the programs created under the HEA have continued. This is because Congress continues to fund these programs with annual appropriations and other bills.

AAU continues to work with Congress on the renewal of the HEA.  In this role, we are working to make sure all families have access to federal student aid. AAU also pushes for common sense, consistent rules of the road. Our goal is for families have the resources they need, and for universities to be able to do what they do best. That is the recipe for high-quality education and student success. 

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