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AAU Analysis of the FY22 Budget Reconciliation

On October 28, President Biden released his framework and fact sheet on a reconciliation package totaling $1.75 trillion over the next decade. The bill includes $40 billion for higher education and workforce development, including: a $550 increase to the maximum Pell Grant; new funding support for HBCUs, HSI’s, MSIs, and TCUs; and investments in community college workforce development programs. The bill also provides new investments in scientific research, including funding for NSF, NASA, DOE, AFRI, NIST, NOAA, and EPA. The bill also includes $400 billion for childcare and universal pre-kindergarten; $555 billion in spending and tax breaks for clean energy investment; and billions for health care coverage ($165 billion), affordable housing ($150 billion), home care for seniors ($150 billion), and other programs.


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