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Being Human in STEM Project

The "Being Human in STEM” project started as a class in fall 2016, adopting the same format as a course from Amherst College by Dr. Sheila Jaswal. The project will help establish a dialogue between STEM students and faculty, while working together to improve the accessibility and inclusivity of STEM at Yale. Priorities of the project include a reduced withdrawal rate from STEM fields and increased accessibility for under-represented minority students with a goal of fostering a welcoming and encouraging community in STEM departments. “Being Human in STEM" has already completed a campus-wide survey, sent to all students, to evaluate the climate of STEM fields at Yale and to capture the experiences of Yale students. The project will share the results of the survey with the Yale community to help spark further discussion about the topics on-campus. Other initiatives include, a collaboration with the Center for Teaching and Learning’s Academic Strategies Program to provide resources to undergraduate students interested in STEM. As an example, the CTL’s program will provide guidance and advice from faculty and senior STEM students. “Being Human in STEM" will also lead workshops designed for faculty and facilitated by students to help communicate the student point-of-view to faculty. Yale continues to strive for an accessible and unified community that welcomes all students, postdocs, and faculty. 

Simon Mochrie | Professor of Physics and Applied Physics | [email protected] 
Claudia De Grandi | Helmsley Teaching Scholar and Postdoc Associate in Physics | [email protected] 
Helen Caines | Associate Professor of Physics | [email protected] 
Andrew Miranker | Professor of Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry and of Chemical and Environmental Engineering | [email protected]