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FSY and ONEXYS Summer Bridge Programs

Freshman Scholars at Yale (FSY) provides a cohort of incoming first-year students with the opportunity to engage early-on in the Yale experience by living and studying on campus for five weeks in the summer. At no cost to the students, Freshman Scholars participate in activities, coursework, seminars, and trips designed to facilitate and enhance their transition to Yale. They start their first semester having already experienced an immersion into many of Yale’s resources, including the close-knit residential college system and the vibrant intellectual culture. Freshman Scholars make up a part of a larger community of college learners in Yale Summer Session. Additionally, during their five weeks on campus Freshman Scholars grow familiar with the city of New Haven, the campus, and the people who will continue to support and interact with the students throughout the year. 

April Ruiz | Dean of Freshman Scholars at Yale | [email protected]