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University of Toronto

The University of Toronto is a global leader in research and teaching. We provide diverse and extensive areas of study organized around smaller, intimate learning communities. That is what creates an exceptional learning environment for our students. Come and customize your education at U of T. Following graduation, join a network of over 500,000 accomplished alumni around the world.

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Using an approach known as human-centered automation, the University of Toronto’s Enid Montague aims to engineer a better health-care experience that helps ease the strain the current stress on the system and delivers more equitable care. 
Julie-Ann McCausland seeks to improve working conditions and experiences for seasonal workers in Canada
Using camera "traps,” U of T researchers study how urban mammals select their habitat, how they travel and how different species interact.
A new study reveals a staggering disparity in life expectancy between Black Americans and their white counterparts between 1999 and 2020.
Northwestern researchers have worked with an international team of collaborators to create acetic acid out of carbon monoxide derived from captured carbon.
A new study by U of T researchers has confirmed research identifying consistent associations between certain colors and lines, and particular emotions.

Chlorinated paraffins, a class of toxic chemicals commonly used to soften plastic toys or make computer wires pliable, have been prohibited in Canada since 2013 due to their known health harm – but a new University of Toronto study found they remain prevalent in many everyday household objects.

Researchers from the University of Toronto collaborated with Special Olympics Ontario to explore perceptions of inclusion among students and coaches.
Research reveals what Google searches can tell us about the global human rights movement.

Displaying the highway death toll on message boards is a common awareness campaign, but new research from the University of Toronto and