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University of Pittsburgh

Founded in 1787, the University of Pittsburgh is one of the oldest institutions of higher education in the United States. Pitt people have defeated polio, unlocked the secrets of DNA, lead the world in organ transplantation, and pioneered TV and heavier-than-air flight, among numerous other accomplishments.

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Historic gospel songs were resurrected after more than six decades by a team of historians, librarians, artists, musicians and church administrators from across the University and city of Pittsburgh.
A new study from Pitt and Carnegie Mellon University shows it’s possible to restore long-lost hand movement in stroke patients using a spinal cord implant.

Researchers from Pitt’s School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences are collaborating to improve how post-stroke rehabilitation is administered with help from an unexpected source — artificial intelligence.

A new study suggests combining alcohol and virtual social interaction had negative effects compared to in-person gatherings.
Recent Pitt research shows the same genes that affect diseases in our mouths may be linked to other diseases, including certain types of cancer.
A lab at the University of Pittsburgh has just discovered how a specific mutation in a bacterium results in phage resistance.
According to new research, adopted children’s genetic characteristics can influence the parenting they receive.
A new study shows it’s possible to restore long-lost hand motion in stroke patients using a spinal cord implant.
A new paper describes how combined with mitigation & communication, targeted surveillance testing could effectively control virus transmission on a large urban campus.
Construction has begun on a new 20-megawatt solar farm that will supply 100% of its electricity to the University of Pittsburgh for the next two decades.