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The University of Kansas

Since its founding, the University of Kansas has embodied the aspirations and determination of the abolitionists who settled on the curve of the Kaw River in August 1854. Their first goal was to ensure that the new Kansas Territory entered the union as a free state. Another was to establish a university.

Today, KU has become a major public research and teaching institution of 28,401 students and 2,600 faculty on five campuses (Lawrence, Kansas City, Overland Park, Wichita, and Salina). Its diverse elements are united by their mission to educate leaders, build healthy communities, and make discoveries that change the world.

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Chemists at the University of Kansas and the Brookhaven National Laboratory have taken a big step toward splitting hydrogen and oxygen molecules to make pure hydrogen without using fossil fuels.
National clinical trial finds a new approach was more effective in treating newborns exposed to opioids in the womb.
Researchers from KU are collaborating with the Department of Energy and other laboratories to develop a method to recycle solar panels.
 Stewards of parks and wild lands would do well to understand the term “typography as image” and to employ it in practice, according to the results of a new study.
A new study shows racial disparities in wealth & health & indicate policy-level solutions are needed to improve health outcomes for all.

The University of Kansas is part of a national project to better prepare future social workers to recognize and respond to domestic violence and in turn provide that training to agencies that serve survivors across the country.

Researchers from the University of Kansas are helping to build an international, multidisciplinary center to monitor pathogens in wild mammals and act as an early warning system for pandemic prediction and prevention.
A University of Kansas study found that AI-generated ads are only labeled as such about half the time, skirting guidelines while appealing to consumers in positive ways to influence them.
The discovery of an 80-million-year-old fossil plant extends the record of nearly 40,000 species of flowering plants including modern-day staple crops like coffee, tomatoes, potatoes and mint.
Researchers at University of Kansas develop a virtual reality therapy system that provides real-time brain data for patients and therapists.