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University of California, Irvine

In 1965, the University of California, Irvine was founded with a mission to catalyze the community and enhance lives through rigorous academics, cutting-edge research, and dedicated public service. Today, we draw on the unyielding spirit of our pioneering faculty, staff and students who arrived on campus with a dream to inspire change and generate new ideas. We believe that true progress is made when different perspectives come together to advance our understanding of the world around us. And we enlighten our communities and point the way to a better future. At UCI, we shine brighter.

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New study finds enzyme critical in brain formation, a discovery that may contribute to new therapeutic purposes for neural stem cells.
Researchers discover a cause of rapid ice melting in Greenland, future sea level rise could be vastly underestimated.
Researchers have developed a DNA enzyme that can distinguish between two RNA strands inside a cell and cut the disease-associated strand while leaving the healthy strand intact.
Exposure to traffic-related air pollution increased risk of Alzheimer’s disease in mouse models.
Scientists have discovered that cellophane bees brew a liquid food for their offspring, making their microbiomes are some of the most fermentative known from the insect world
A new brain connection discovered by researchers can explain how early-life stress and adversity trigger disrupted operation of the brain’s reward circuit
Physicists have reported the discovery of nano-scale devices that can transform into many different shapes and sizes even though they exist in solid states
Researchers report that a strong electric field that exists in the atmosphere at the surface between airborne water droplets and the surrounding air can create OH by a previously unknown mechanism.
Researchers from UCI have found that changing overturning circulation in the Pacific Ocean is consistent with the ocean being a significant driver of lower greenhouse gases during the last ice age.
UCI physicists have detected neutrinos created by a particle collider, a discovery which promises to deepen scientists’ understanding of the subatomic particles.