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The University of Iowa

The University of Iowa carries out its academic mission primarily through its 11 colleges, which offer undergraduate and graduate education, professional education, and education and training in the health sciences.

Iowa is known around the world for its balanced commitment to the arts, sciences, and humanities. It's home to one of the nation's largest and most highly acclaimed academic medical centers, the pioneering Iowa Writers' Workshop, and more than 200 different academic areas of study for students to explore.

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New research from the University of Illinois and the University of Iowa shows an approved drug normally used to treat fungal infections could also do the job of a protein channel that is missing or defective in the lungs of people with cystic fibrosis, operating as a prosthesis on the molecular scale.
The number of children in the United States diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder may be significantly higher than previously thought, according to a new University of Iowa analysis.
A new study from the University of Iowa reinforces the connection between good nutrition and good grades, finding that free school breakfasts help students from low-income families perform better academically.
Differences in cardiac arrest survival rates among black and white patients have narrowed in recent years, according to a new study led by University of Iowa Health Care researchers.
AAU today announced the appointment of Mary Sue Coleman, a former president of the University of Michigan and the University of Iowa, as its new president, effective June 1, 2016
After Lauber returned to the US, he attended a community college in Minneapolis for one year before “feeling like [he] wanted more options and opportunities” out of his college experience. Ultimately, it was the International Studies program that made his decision to transfer to the University of Iowa an easy one.
In the spring of her sophomore year, after taking courses in basic biology and organic chemistry, Khan found herself intrigued by chemistry’s environmental applications. Although she had yet to declare an official major, Khan was referred to Assistant Professor Betsy Stone's lab by a friend who was aware of her interests.
Researchers from the Iowa Geological Survey, housed at the University of Iowa, have created a comprehensive nutrient runoff mitigation guide to reduce the overabundance of choice farmers can face in approaching nitrate and phosphate nutrient reduction.