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University of California Santa Cruz

UC Santa Cruz has earned national and international recognition both for the impact of its research and for its long-established commitment to quality undergraduate instruction.

A campus with world-class facilities and one of the most visually spectacular settings in higher education, UC Santa Cruz provides unparalleled opportunities for students to learn through hands-on experience. A commitment to environmental stewardship and community engagement are also central to UCSC's core values.

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Data from Antarctica show more humpback whales get pregnant after years with abundant krill than after years when krill were less plentiful.
A new report from a National Science Foundation (NSF) steering committee led by UC Santa Cruz Professor of Computer Science and Engineering Matthew Guthaus offers guidance on revitalizing the hardware workforce by increasing access to education. 
Researchers across multiple institutions are studying "super-puff" planets - the lowest density exoplanets ever discovered beyond Earth’s solar system.