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Tufts University

With its combination of world-changing research and exceptional educational offerings for undergraduate, graduate, and professional students, Tufts University has long been a leader in higher education. In nine schools and across four campuses in and around Boston, Tufts students and faculty pursue interdisciplinary research, in an environment that fosters curiosity, creativity, and engagement. Our students emerge with the skills and transformative experiences that enable them to become leaders who shape the future. 

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To help solve hunger and malnutrition while also slowing climate change, some farmers could shift from land to sea, suggests a recent study from Tufts University.
In the largest known such study to date, researchers found programs that provide free fruits and vegetables have measurable benefits for health and food security.
A new study suggests that a micronutrient in human breast milk provides significant benefit to the developing brains of newborns.
Researchers have calculated the risk of forced labor across all aspects of the U.S. food supply, excluding seafood.
A study showed 100% of red-tailed hawks tested at the clinic were positive for exposure to anticoagulant rodenticides.
New research sets the stage for biomanufacturing of biofuels and other products with a very low carbon footprint
The latest USC research on the impact of music education shows that for adolescents, the benefits appear to boost their wellbeing.
Researchers at Tufts University School of Medicine have discovered a previously unknown function performed by a type of cell that comprises nearly half of all brain cells.
Meet five Tufts University students whose scholarship and research are helping reimagine what’s possible and engineer a better future.
The Association of American Universities today announced that Tufts University has joined the association. The addition of this leading research university brings AAU’s membership total to 66 institutions – 64 American and two Canadian members.