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Purdue University

With history, traditions, and achievements, the Boilermaker story is full of milestones that have had a significant impact on our state, nation and world.

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Researchers at Purdue propose a quantum device that could be tested experimentally to succinctly realize emergent particles like the Fibonacci anyon.
Assistant professor at Purdue led an all-woman team of into the wilds of Antarctica to research the climate history of the continent – and the planet.
Purdue University has received a five-year, $10 million grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture to increase seafood production, also known as “blue food,” which is healthier and more sustainably produced than land-based foods.
Researchers at Purdue are working on a method of repurposing existing techniques to produce a microprocessor timing device in a standard chip fab plant could address supply chain and security weak points.
Stony Brook University is leading a research project that focuses on the interplay between the evolution of the landscape, climate and fossil record of mammal evolution and diversification in the Western United States.
Study shows the low-cost catalyst can be a viable alternative to platinum that has stymied commercialization of the eco-friendly fuel for decades because it’s so expensive
Mitch Daniels, President of Purdue University, wrote an article which highlights the importance of flexibility of the higher education community as it addresses the threat of the novel coronavirus.
This profile of Mitch Daniels centers on Purdue’s tuition for in-state students, which has been frozen at $10,000 for seven years, and Daniels’ efforts to “change the culture” of finance in higher education, “bringing market pressures to bear on processes that had never faced them before.”
Purdue University cancer scientists are creating tumor models in 10 days that are much closer in size to the ones found in the body and readily mimic the pathological characteristics of human cancers.
Prdue Superfan Tyler Trent left behind cells that could unlock therapies for osteosarcoma, changing the lives for the world's youngest cancer patients.