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The Ohio State University

For 144 years, The Ohio State University's campus in Columbus has been the stage for academic achievement and a laboratory for innovation. It's where friendships are forged. It's where rivalries and revelry are born.

The university's main campus is one of America's largest and most comprehensive. As Ohio's best and one of the nation's top-20 public universities, Ohio State is further recognized by a top-rated academic medical center and a premier cancer hospital and research center. As a land-grant university, Ohio State has a physical presence throughout the state, with campuses and research centers located around Ohio.

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It’s about time for the annual mass migration of honeybees to California, and new research is helping lower the chances the pollinators and their offspring will die while they’re visiting the West Coast.
In a first-in-world clinical trial, researchers at The Ohio State University College of Medicine are studying how well-focused ultrasound surgery works in adults with a specific type of epilepsy whose seizures are not controlled by medication.
Happiness needs 17 facial expressions to get its point across throughout the world, a new study shows.
African-American women at high risk of breast cancer are less likely than white women to pursue potentially life-saving preventive care, and racial disparities in health care and elsewhere are to blame, new research suggests.
Researchers and naturalists at The Ohio State University are working to find a cause for an emerging disease that threatens beech trees in Ohio and more than 30 states in the eastern U.S.
A new study has uncovered novel details about the vulnerability of one type of brain cell to Alzheimer’s disease.
Researchers at The Ohio State University are working to fine-tune the tools that could help farmers and others prevent harmful algal blooms
When deciding whether to participate in programs designed to conserve energy during peak hours, consumers appear to rely more on their intuition about how much money they’re saving rather than on proof their bills are smaller, a new study has found.
Real-world learning experiences, like summer camps, can significantly improve children’s knowledge in a matter of just days, a new study suggests.
Christian McGhee, a fourth-year marketing student at The Ohio State University was chosen as one of two recipients of the President’s Prize. The prize will provide him with a $50,000 living stipend and up to $50,000 in funding for his group project, which aims to support incarcerated youths.