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Emory University

Emory University, a top-ranked private institution recognized internationally for its outstanding liberal arts colleges, graduate and professional schools, and one of the world's leading health care systems, is located on a beautiful campus in Atlanta, Georgia's historic Druid Hills neighborhood. Whatever your interest in Emory, we would welcome your visit to campus.

Emory maintains an uncommon balance for an institution of its standing: our scholars and experts generate more than $574 million in research funding annually while also maintaining a traditional emphasis on teaching. The University is enriched by collaboration among its schools, centers, and partners as well as by the legacy and energy of Atlanta.

Visit the university website.

Researchers from Emory University are trying to better predict which individuals with no history of clinical depression treatment improve with the use of either antidepressants or with talk therapy.
A new genomic study from Emory suggests that Indigenous populations in present-day Ecuador adapted to tuberculosis, thousands of years before the arrival of Europeans.
The Goizueta Institute @Emory Brain Health and Emory Healthcare are collaborating with digital health company Linus Health to implement innovative digital cognitive assessments for primary care patients.
Emory University President Gregory L. Fenves emphasizes the importance of diversity in higher education and argues that the upcoming Supreme Court cases on race-conscious admissions have the potential to negatively impact diversity of university student populations.
A team of researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology and Emory University’s School of Medicine has taken another step toward improving development of mRNA therapies.
The University of California San Diego has joined a Phase II clinical trial to evaluate various additional COVID-19 booster shots. The trial seeks to understand if different vaccine regimens can broaden immune responses in adults who already have received a primary vaccination series and a first booster shot.
An expansion of the Emory Advantage program will eliminate need-based loans as part of undergraduate students’ financial aid packages, replacing them with institutional grants and scholarships beginning this fall for the 2022-23 academic year.
Emory University has developed a sensitive and specific diagnostic antibody blood test that will help determine antibody responses in people who have been infected by COVID-19.
Human clinical trials may begin on an antiviral compound which was discovered and developed by Emory University and shows promise as a potential treatment for COVID-19.