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Darren Gaddis has served at AAU since March 2017. As the Executive Assistant for Policy, he supports the vice president for policy and senior policy analyst as well as related AAU working groups, meetings, and activities.

Kimberlee Eberle-Sudré has served at AAU since August 2016. As the Senior Policy Analyst, she leads AAU’s data and analysis efforts across a wide range of research and higher education policy issues.

Jessica Sebeok has served at AAU since August 2014. As the Deputy Vice President for Federal Relations and Counsel for Policy, she has primary responsibilities for issues related to intellectual property and information technology and technology transfer.

Tara King has served at AAU since December 2016. As the Higher Education Project Coordinator, she supports the policy department’s advancement of strategic and grant-funded initiatives.

Toby Smith has served at AAU since January 2003. As Vice President for Policy, he oversees AAU’s policy projects, initiatives and activities including the AAU Undergraduate STEM education and PhD education initiatives.

Emily Miller has served at AAU since November 2012. As the Associate Vice President for Policy, she has primary responsibilities for collaborating with member campuses on institutional policy efforts related to undergraduate and graduate education.

Ms. Poulson provides research and analytical support to the policy team and AAU members. She helps collect and analyze data and provides support to various policy related projects, working groups and meetings. She also helps monitor and track regulations, policies and legislation.