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STEM Status Report: Resources for Universities

AAU has developed resources to help research universities take a systems perspective to improving undergraduate STEM education.

To help facilitate institutional change, key resources and tools have been developed. These include:

  • The Framework for Systemic Change in Undergraduate STEM Teaching and Learning provides a change model for improving the quality and effectiveness of STEM teaching and learning at research universities. The Framework recognizes the wider setting in which educational innovations take place — the department, the college, the university and the external environment — and addresses key institutional elements necessary for sustained improvement to undergraduate STEM education.
  • Essential Questions and Data Sources for Continuous Improvement of Undergraduate STEM Teaching and Learning helps member campuses track the progress of their reform efforts. This resource complements the  Framework and provides a set of key questions designed to engage institutional leaders and faculty members in discussions about teaching and learning. The report also provides data sources and analytical tools available to answer these questions and inform decision-making, as well as provides guidance to address common challenges in evaluating the quality and effectiveness of undergraduate education.
  • Aligning Practice to Policies provides specific guidance to departments and institutions on how to implement new methods for evaluating, recognizing, and rewarding teaching at research universities, particularly relating to how teaching is judged for purposes of promotion, tenure, and annual reviews.

This resource was developed in collaboration with the Cottrell Scholars funded by Research Corporation for Science Advancement.