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STEM Status Report: Engagement by AAU Universities

AAU universities have demonstrated widespread enthusiasm and interest in the Initiative.

Participation in the Initiative by AAU member institutions has been high. This is demonstrated by the fact that all 62 AAU institutions have designated a STEM Campus  Point of Contact to serve as a liaison between AAU and his or her campus for the Initiative.

  • To date, 55 A AU member universities have participated in the Initiative, including more than 450 unique faculty members and institutional leaders.
  • 42 institutions convened campus stakeholders (e.g., faculty members and administrators) to respond to our request for comments on the initial Framework draft.
  • Over half of AAU’s membership is active in the  AAU STEM Network and more than 275 unique faculty members and institutional leaders have participated in network events.
  • 31 institutions submitted proposals to be considered as a STEM Project Site and to receive STEM Network Mini-grants.

AAU universities are engaged in multiple innovative efforts to improve undergraduate education and to help all students succeed. For example,

  • department-wide innovations to undergraduate STEM courses are becoming institutional priorities;
  • teaching and learning centers are being redesigned to better support department educational reform efforts;
  • data infrastructures and analytics are being capitalized on to improve student learning;
  • campuses are exploring new hiring practices to advance improvements in STEM education;
  • learning spaces are being developed and re-engineered; and
  • campuses are addressing the critical challenge of improving the evaluation of faculty teaching.