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AAU Weekly Wrap-Up, January 12, 2018


  • Federal Judge Orders Temporary DACA Restart
  • Budget and Appropriations Update


A federal judge in San Francisco issued an injunction Tuesday ordering the administration to resume accepting DACA renewal applications while legal challenges to the program's termination progress. Unless the injunction is lifted by a higher court, the ruling will allow former DACA registrants who failed to renew by October 5, 2017 to apply for renewal. The decision does not permit new applications, only those for renewal.

Citing numerous tweets by President Trump and the irreparable harm plaintiffs would suffer should the program lapse, U.S. District Judge William Alsup called the administration's basis for ending DACA "flawed" and "capricious." He went on to say the administration's decision is a "mistake of law," and the Obama administration had not overreached by establishing the program.

Politico and The New York Times have more on the decision.


Bipartisan funding negotiations between the White House and congressional leadership to address defense and nondefense spending caps have appeared to stall. To avoid a January 19 government shutdown, lawmakers are reportedly considering another short-term continuing resolution (CR) through mid-February or March, which would be the fourth stopgap funding bill in four months. While some within the GOP are threatening to vote against another CR, citing negative impacts on the military, an increasing number of Democratic lawmakers say they will not support any funding bill that fails to address DACA.

Reports of a possible DACA deal surfaced yesterday but were quickly disputed by a White House spokesperson who said negotiations still had "a long ways to go." The President said earlier this week that in exchange for a DACA deal, any bill must include border security, and an end of both the diversity visa lottery and chain migration.

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