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AAU President Responds to Secretary of State for Falsehoods About Foreign Influence

The following is a statement from Association of American Universities President Barbara R. Snyder about Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s recent comments about the value of national security to America’s leading research universities:

Secretary Pompeo’s allegations against America’s leading research universities are disingenuous as well as dangerous.

It’s ironic that Secretary Pompeo would choose this moment to attack America’s leading research universities – when our doctors, nurses, medical faculty, residents, and researchers are on the front lines fighting a deadly pandemic that is raging unchecked across the country. The secretary’s claim that America’s leading research universities value foreign contracts over the livelihood of our international students, scholars, and researchers is simply wrong.

These claims are less a serious assessment of our efforts to protect national security and attract and support international talent than a dishonest and partisan attack.

AAU and its members take our responsibility to protect our students, faculty, staff, research, and the nation with the utmost seriousness. For decades we have worked closely with the federal government to properly identify and address threats to our country and its security.

America’s leading research universities are committed to protecting national security, maintaining our global scientific leadership, making discoveries that ensure public health and safety, and drive the U.S. economy.

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Founded in 1900, the Association of American Universities is composed of America’s leading research universities. AAU’s 65 research universities transform lives through education, research, and innovation.

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