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Coalition Letter Urges NIH Fetal Tissue Ethics Advisory Board to Carefully Evaluate Studies

A coalition of scientific, medical, and patient organizations and businesses, which included AAU, sent a letter to the NIH Human Fetal Tissue Ethics Advisory Board. The letter urges the board to consider the importance of human fetal tissue research to develop new tests, treatments, and cures to “reduce suffering from human diseases” during their evaluation of the ethics of research proposals using human fetal tissue. The letter notes that the existing legal review and evaluation process for research that uses human fetal tissue is “scientifically meritorious, legal, and ethically sound” and prohibits profiting from acquiring or transferring fetal tissue. “Fetal tissue research has the potential to accelerate the end to the pandemic, reduce human suffering, and enable the U.S. to better respond to future public health threats,” the organizations notes.

Download the PDF