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AAU Urges Negotiators to Include Key Priorities in COVID-19 Relief Package

AAU sent a letter to House and Senate leaders and administration officials negotiating the next pandemic relief package to underscore the importance of including our recommendations for relief for research universities in the next COVID-19 stimulus measure. According to the letter, these recommendations would provide “significant relief for students, the research workforce, and the ability of research universities and hospitals to fight the pandemic and serve national interests.” Specifically, the letter urges lawmakers to include “at least $46.6 billion to support students and higher education institutions and their ability to serve students; at least $26 billion in research relief funding for federal research agencies; and temporary and targeted protections from potentially meritless COVID-19 lawsuits against colleges and universities.” Finally, the letter calls on Congress to work in a bipartisan manner to quickly complete the forthcoming comprehensive pandemic relief package.

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