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AAU Submits Response to JCORE Request for Information on the Research Environment

AAU submitted comments in response to the National Science and Technology Council Joint Committee on the Research Environment’s recent request for information seeking input that the administration can use to “maximize the quality and effectiveness of the American research environment.” The comments address four areas of research policy that align with JCORE’s subcommittees: ensuring rigor and integrity; coordinating administrative requirements; strengthening the security of America’s science and technology research enterprise; and fostering safe, inclusive, and equitable research environments.

AAU’s comments offer specific suggestions in each area that together would make significant strides in renewing the government-university partnership. AAU President Mary Sue Coleman indicates that AAU is “hopeful that the work of JCORE will result in improvements that will firmly position our nation’s research enterprise for a decade or more – thus securing the government-university partnership’s ability to continue driving U.S. competitiveness and enhancing our nation’s security.”

Download the PDF