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AAU Comments Urge DHS to Withdraw Proposed Duration-of-Status Rule

Yesterday, AAU submitted comments to the Department of Homeland Security to urge the department to withdraw its proposed rule , titled “Establishing a Fixed Time Period of Admission and an Extension of Stay Procedure for Nonimmigrant Academic Students, Exchange Visitors, and Representatives of Foreign Information Media.” The letter outlines the detrimental effects the proposed rule would have on student and scholar visas, focused on the impact on graduate education, optional practical training, delivery of medical care, the nation’s long-term global competitiveness, and more. Ultimately, the letter states, the rule would “create significant procedural uncertainty for international students and universities and seriously damage our ability to attract top international students, scholars, and researchers who contribute mightily to our nation’s higher education and research enterprises, the highly-skilled U.S. workforce, and the economy.”

Download the PDF