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AAU, Associations request OMB to Extend Current Flexibilities to Continue on Grants Set to Expire on September 30th, 2020

AAU joined COGR, APLU, AAMC, AAAS, and ACE in writing to OMB from requesting that OMB extend the current flexibilities provided in M-20-26 in light of the continued impact of the pandemic on the conduct of research.  OMB M-20-26 allowed the salary charging flexibilities to continue on grants and is set to expire September 30.  The letter urges OMB to extend the flexibilities beyond September 30, 2020, and at least into the second quarter of FY 2021 when the flexibilities could then be reevaluated––or at a minimum, have a process in place to quickly reinstate these flexibilities if pandemic safety measures necessitate additional restrictions to research activities.

Download the PDF