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Science and Engineering Education Initiative

In 2010, the Council proposed the Science and Engineering Education Initiative that was passed by faculty vote. The Initiative aims to inspire and prepare all undergraduates, irrespective of their majors, to become scientifically and technologically literate citizens and decision-makers. The primary recommendation of the Initiative was to change the undergraduate general education requirement for the Science and Technology (ST) designate. As a result, undergraduates are required to complete at least two ST-designated courses: at least one with a lab (STL) and the second that may be taken without a lab (STN).

To provide a rich variety of ST offerings, the Council supports faculty in revising and developing science and engineering courses that emphasize the role of science and engineering in society. The Council offers financial resources to faculty developing new and enhancing existing ST-designated courses. In addition to financial resources and guiding course goals, the Council’s four Professional Specialists are available to assist faculty with the enhancement of existing ST-designated courses and the development of new ST-designated courses. Each Professional Specialist has a terminal degree in a STEM field and additional preparation in student-active pedagogy.