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The Center for Advancing Mathematics, Science and Engineering Education


The Center for Advancing Mathematics, Science and Engineering Education (CAMSEE) is a research, learning, and teaching community that connects individuals across mathematics, science, and engineering to advance undergraduate learning and to produce scholarly educational research. 

The center focuses on two interconnected pieces of STEM education: advancing educational research and improving educational practice. Specifically, CAMSEE wishes to: 

  • Create an intellectual home for individuals involved in undergraduate STEM at UC San Diego
  • Offer a forum for colleagues to collaborate on refining their course syllabi, developing new (especially interdisciplinary) courses, and crafting authentic research experiences for students
  • Collaborate with the Teaching and Learning Commons to support faculty, graduate students, and staff in implementing evidence-based learning and teaching practices
  • Advance research to improve learning and teaching in STEM disciplines
  • Increase student persistence and improve equity and inclusion in STEM courses and majors
  • Document outcomes of innovative curricular changes to contribute meaningful scholarship to the discipline-based educational research literature 
  • Build knowledge, resources, and networks to respond quickly and effectively to requests for funding proposals relevant to undergraduate STEM education
  • Provide strong STEM disciplinary and pedagogical content knowledge to develop effective educational interventions for local middle and high schools