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AAU Campus Community Service Directory

It is widely recognized that U.S. research universities conduct cutting-edge research that fuels national innovation and educates the technical leaders of tomorrow, but it may not be as widely appreciated that major research universities also support a broad array of public service activities in their communities. Faculty members and staff - and especially students - around the country are helping improve the quality of life in their communities, often in support of the most disadvantaged residents.

In October 1996, under the leadership of Tulane University, the Association of American Universities (AAU) began compiling a directory of community service and outreach programs at its member universities. The 2014 directory marks the 19th edition of this annual on-line publication.

Each university listing here includes one or more university Web sites that can provide detailed information about each school's activities.

White House "United We Serve" Initiative:


Brandeis University    

The Waltham Group


Brown University

Howard R. Swearer Center for Public Service


California Institute of Technology

Center for Teaching, Learning, & Outreach

Carnegie Mellon University Community Service
Case Western Reserve University Center for Community Partnerships
Columbia University Community Impact at Columbia University
Cornell University Public Service Center
Duke University Student Activities and Facilities

Learning through Experience, Action, Partnership, and Service (LEAPS)

The Duke-Durham Neighborhood Partnership Initiative

Hart Leadership Program

Community Health
Emory University Emory University University-Community Partnerships
Georgia Institute of Technology Office of Community Service
Harvard University Harvard in the Community
Indiana University Office of Community and School Partnerships
Iowa State University Volunteering at Iowa State
The Johns Hopkins University Center for Social Concern
Massachusetts Institute of Technology Public Service Center
McGill University McGill in the Community
Michigan State University Service-Learning Center
New York University Office of Civic Engagement
Northwestern University Center for Student Involvement
The Ohio State University Outreach & Engagement
The Pennsylvania State University Penn State Outreach Programs
Princeton University The Pace Center Civic Engagement Network
Purdue University Engineering Projects in Community Service

Office of Engagement
Rice University Center for Civic Engagement
Rutgers University-New Brunswick Programs for the Community
Stanford University Haas Center for Public Service
Stony Brook University-State University of New York For Our Neighbors
Texas A&M University Leadership and Service Center
Tulane University Center for Public Service
The University of Arizona Community Outreach
The University at Buffalo, The State University of New York         UB Cares
University of California, Berkeley Cal Corps Public Service Center
University of California, Davis Center for Student Involvement
University of California, Irvine Center for Service in Action
University of California, Los Angeles Community Service
University of California, San Diego Volunteer Connection
University of California, Santa Barbara UCSB Community Service
The University of Chicago University Community Service Center
University of Colorado Boulder Outreach & Engagement
 University of Florida Center for Leadership & Service
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Office of Volunteer Programs
University of Iowa Iowa Nonprofit Research Center
The University of Kansas Center for Community Outreach
University of Maryland, College Park Community Service-Learning
University of Michigan Arts of Citizenship Program

The Edward Ginsberg Center for Community Service and Learning
University of Minnesota, Twin Cities Office of Community Involvement and Service Learning
University of Missouri-Columbia Center for Leadership Development and Community Involvement
The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Carolina Center for Public Service
University of Oregon Community Service Center of Oregon

Service Learning Program--College of Education 

Community Engagement at the Holden Center
University of Pennsylvania Civic House

Center for Community Partnerships
University of Pittsburgh Student Volunteer Outreach
University of Rochester

Community Service Network

Rochester Center for Community Leadership

University of Southern California Volunteer Center

The University of Texas at Austin Longhorn Center for Civic Engagement
University of Toronto Center for Community Partnerships
University of Virginia OutreachVirginia
University of Washington Carlson Leadership and Public Service Center

Center for Communication & Civic Engagement
The University of Wisconsin-Madison Morgridge Center for Public Service
Vanderbilt University Office of Active Citizenship and Service
Washington University in St. Louis Community Service Office
Yale University Dwight Center