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Iowa State University

Iowa State University researchers have completed testing a key component of a new concept for disposing of animal carcasses following a disease outbreak.
Iowa State University researchers gained new insight into the human immune system by studying material left over after blood donations.
An Iowa State University research group have been working to produce semiconductors from materials that are safe, abundant and inexpensive to manufacture.
Iowa State University engineers have developed a process called autothermal pyrolysis that breaks down biomass for fuel and fertilizer.
Researchers at Iowa State University have developed a software prototype to divert excess food to those in need by connecting food donors with food pantries.
Iowa State University engineers have developed a new, smart, and responsive material that can stiffen up like a worked-out muscle.
Researchers at Iowa State University are developing a database with tens of thousands of pictures that will help forensic investigators identify and decode messages hidden inside images.
Researchers are working together to develop and test what they think could be a better way to fight the flu.
Iowa State engineers are developing a software system that’s designed to take in all the information that’s available on a factory floor and display it on visual dashboards so it’s accessible and useful.
Eliminating all risk from play eliminates creativity, challenge and discovery, says Bambi Yost, landscape architecture associate professor at Iowa State University.