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AAU Universities Fight Ebola


AAU universities are working to address the medical, public health, and other impacts of the Ebola epidemic in West Africa by:

 - Conducting basic and clinical research to develop cures and treatments for Ebola,
 - Partnering with colleagues in West Africa to address the public health challenges of Ebola and to treat victims,
 - Treating infected U.S. patients in specialized facilities and sharing lessons learned with colleagues around the world,
 - Examining the impact of extreme poverty, geography, and climate change in the initiation and intensity of epidemics, and
 - Educating the public about the risks of Ebola and other epidemics in North America 

Boston University 

A new score for predicting Ebola risk --News from Brown   

Panel debates lessons from Ebola - BU Today   

Battling Ebola: A Special Report - BU Today - a compendium of news articles and interviews on why medical personnel risk traveling to the hot zone in West Africa, how the virus kills, the ethical and political dilemmas of the outbreak, efforts to design effective therapies, the importance of studying deadly pathogens, and more 

U.S. Doctor to Travel to Sierra Leone to Help Ebola Victims - NPR Morning Edition 

Battling Ebola:  Is Human Activity to Blame? - BU Today 

Battling Ebola:  The Role of BU's National Emerging Infectious Disease Laboratories - BU Today

Ebolanomics - The New Yorker 


Brandeis  University 

Learning about past epidemics: what can smallpox tell us about Ebola?  BrandeisNOW   

Brown University

Can Statins Help Treat Ebola? – New York Times

Stop Worrying About Ebola (And Start Worrying About What it Means) – Huffington Post, The World Post


Columbia University 

Having and fighting Ebola--public health lessons from a clinician turned patient -- New England Journal of Medicine   

Help is on the way; public health group readies diagnostic lab for West Africa - Mailman School of Public Health  

Competition for solutions finds new ideas to contain Ebola through crowdsourcing- CBCRadio   

All Hands on Deck - The New Yorker - In design challenge, students come up with low-cost, technology-driven solutions to aspects of the epidemic   

How to Quarantine Against Ebola -- New York Times op-ed    

How to Prevent Ebola Panic in the Facebook Age  - Science of Us

Duke University 

Fear of Ebola can spread despite facts - Star-Telegram  

Emory University

Ebola survivors offer clues to body's virus defenses --Nature  

Mining immune systems of Ebola survivors for therapeutic gold -- Emory News Center   

Semester-long Ebola forum kicks of Jan. 26 -- Emory News Center   

Magic Blood? Emory's Ebola Plasma Bank --NBC News  

An Ebola doctor's return from the edge of death --NY Times   

Meet America's Top Ebola Doctor --Time magazine  

Beating Ebola through a national plan -- the Washington Post  

Emory Healthcare Ebola Preparedness Protocols - Emory Healthcare   

Ebola's backstory: How germs jump species - Emory eScienceCommons   

President Obama Meets with Emory Healthcare Team about Ebola - Emory News Center   

Emory University Hospital Will Receive Another Ebola Patient - Time

Emory University Hospital Ebola Team Featured by NBC News - Emory News Center 

Caring for the American Ebola Patients: Inside Emory's Isolation Unit - NPR

Emory community responds to chief nurse executive's op-ed on treating Ebola patients – Emory News Center


Harvard University

Sequencing Ebola's secrets, Harvard Gazette  NEW

Paper Test for Ebola, Harvard Medical School, MIT   

Ebola, a year after the epidemic began, WBUR Boston public radio   

Ebola:  A global crisis --news and resources from throughout Harvard University and its collaborators, Harvard Medical School   

A Return to Liberia in Ebola Time --Harvard Graduate School of Education  

Paul Farmer on Ebola: "This isn't a natural disaster, this is the terrorism of poverty," - Washington Post  

Confronting Ebola:  Nonprofits with Harvard ties launch collaboration to fight epidemic - Harvard Gazette  

Infectious Disease: Ebola's Lost Ward - Nature - the struggle at a Sierra Leone hospital to continue research amid the Ebola outbreak  

Weapons for Battling Viruses - Harvard Gazette - effective handling of Nipah outbreak in South Asia offers lessons for controlling Ebola  

The Most Complete Ebola Genome Yet: What It Can Tell Us - Los Angeles Times (two study leaders hold joint appointments at Harvard and the Harvard-MIT-affiliated Broad Institute)


Indiana University 

Ebola outbreak highlights need for IU-Liberia health collaboration – IU Policy Blog

Fighting Ebola: Passion for her country and love for public health helps IU alum conquer fears – IU Health and Vitality Blog

University of Liberia president visits IU to grow healthcare collaboration – IU Newsroom Blog


The Johns Hopkins University

Johns Hopkins responds to Ebola -- JHU HUB   

Johns Hopkins team wins U.S. award for improved suit to fight Ebola --Washington Post  

New online 3-D tool seeks possible targets to disable Ebola virus - JHU HUB  

How a wedding dress maker is trying to stop the spread of Ebola --Washington Post   

JHU Ebola news & knowledge --JHU School of Public Health webpage   

Jhpiego announces Ebola response initiative - Around the Hub  

For Ebola Health  Care Workers, How Protective Gear is Removed Poses Risk of Deadly Exposure, Experts Caution -JHU News

Experimental ZMapp treatment for Ebola virus has roots at Johns Hopkins – HUB

Johns Hopkins expert discusses challenges of containing Ebola virus in Africa's most populous city – HUB


Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Paper Test for Ebola, Harvard Medical School, MIT   

Launching a vital link in the Ebola-response effort - MIT News   

Tracking Ebola by Pairing Human Expertise with Artificial Intelligence - MIT Spectrum  

Infectious Disease:  Ebola's Lost Ward - Nature - the struggle at a Sierra Leone hospital to sustain research amid the Ebola outbreak  

Scientists Found the Origins of the Ebola Outbreak--By Tracking Its Mutations - VOX 

Scientists Dig into Ebola's Deadly Genes for Clues - Associated Press (two study leaders hold joint appointments at Harvard and the MIT-Harvard affiliated Broad Institute)

McGill University

Medicine and Military Alone Will Not Save World from Ebola - The - commentary by McGill faculty member


Purdue University

Expert on the transmission of viruses from animals to humans available to speak about Ebola – Purdue News

Luminescent nanocrystal tags and high-speed scanner enable rapid detection of multiple pathogens in a single test – Purdue News


Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

Preparing New Jersey municipalities for ebola -- New Jersey 101.5 Radio   

Denying ebola turns out to be a very human response - West Virginia Public Radio   

Stanford University 

Treating Ebola without fear --NY Times  

Rebuilding trust key to fighting Ebola in Africa - Stanford Medicine News Center  

Stony Brook University

President Stanley lecture: Ebola: Risks of Emerging Infections - Stony Brook University News (lecture on Sept. 3) 

Should We be Concerned about Ebola in US? – Fox News video


Texas A&M University

Plant-based vaccines challenge big pharma for $3 billion flu market -- Reuters 

Is America prepared for Ebola? - Vital Record  

Editorial: Call for a roadmap to manage the Ebola (or the next public health) outbreak - Vital Record 

INFOGRAPHIC: Pandemic Influenza (preparing for the next unknown) - Vital Record - being ready for the next flu pandemic   

Why are so many Ebola health-care workers dying from the virus? - VOX - the outbreak is geographically dispersed, resources remain limited


Tulane University

Rapid test for Ebola now available --Science

Researchers seek crucial tool: A fast, finger-prick, Ebola test - NY Times  

Testing new Ebola tests - Science -  Researchers at Tulane are working with Corgenix & others on a prototype rapid diagnostic test   

Infectious Disease:  Ebola's Lost Ward - Nature - a hospital in Sierra Leone struggles to continue research amid the Ebola outbreak  

The Challenge of Stopping Ebola When It Keeps Killing Doctors - Washington Post 


The University of Arizona

Ebola not just a matter for medicine --UANews --engineers are taking an active role in prevention and remediation  

Can We Really Eradicate Polio? – UANews

Treating Ebola Patients is 'Difficult Ethical Decision' for Doctors and Nurses, Says UA Global Health Expert – UANews


University of California, Davis

Grant to speed Ebola drug production -UC Davis News   

Finding the Next Ebola Before it Breaks Out - KQED Science  

University of California, Los Angeles

Out of Africa: UCLA physician reflects on the risks, rewards of treating Ebola patients - UCLA Newsroom  NEW

UCLA doctors prepared to treat Ebola, other infectious diseases if needed - UCLA Newsroom  


The University of Florida

Ethnography could help in Ebola crisis - Nature - Expert on Liberia describes how anthropologists can aid the Ebola response   


The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


Animated videos bring Ebola education to West Africa  --Inside Illinois News   

The University of Kansas

Research team helps WHO make sense of Ebola response efforts --KU News  

The Deadly History of Ebola Outbreaks - CBS News - quotes pathologist at UK Hospital 

Fighting the Fever - Understanding Ebola - The Economist 

Pathologist at the University of Kansas Hospital Calms Fears about Ebola Virus - KSHB Kansas City 

Ebola:  Early, Intensive Treatment Boosts Survival - WebMD News


University of Michigan

International Institute Round Table:Beyond Ebola -- YouTube

What can history teach us about Ebola UofMHealth --a U-M medical historian offers lessons from past outbreaks

Video series answers questions about the Ebola virus - Michigan School of Public Health


University of Minnesota, Twin Cities 

What We're Afraid to Say about Ebola - NY Times -op-ed by Michael Osterholm


University of Missouri

MU Researchers Discover Protein's Ability to Inhibit HIV Release - Mizzou Health News Network --discovery provides new insights into understanding other viruses, such as Ebola


University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Team of Students, Alumni Launches Ebola-Tracking Website for Liberia- UNC News

Dispatch from Guinea: Containing Ebola - UNC Health Care and UNC School of Medicine Newsroom

What it’s like to be a doctor treating Ebola during the worst outbreak in history – Washington Post


University of Oregon

Why your brain wants to help one child in need--but not millions  NPR   

Yes, our Ebola freakout is irrational,  But there's still a good reason to have the jitters - Washington Post   

UO psychologist discusses risk of Ebola in Oregon - Oregon Live   

The Dread Factor: Why Ebola and 'Contagion" Scare Us So Much - NPR   

University of Pennsylvania

Penn Vet Research May Lead to Future Treatment for Deadly Ebola Virus - KYW Newsradio 

Ebola Poses Less of a Risk to the U.S. Than More Contagious Infections, Pittsburgh Experts Say - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette


University of Washington

Genes Influence How Mice React to Ebola, Study SaysIis "Significant Advance" -- NY Times

Foldit Video Gamers Join the Fight Against Ebola Virus - NBC News 

Seattle Scientists Seek an Ebola Cure - Seattle Times

What’s really behind the spread of Ebola – Seattle Times

Will climate change worsen Ebola outbreaks? – Washington Post


University of Wisconsin-Madison

Ebola: UW-Madison Responds -- video

Tackling Ebola on many fronts -- UW-Madison Global Health Institute   

UW-Madison scientist Kawaoka on front lines in fight against Ebola -- Milwaukee Journal Sentinel  

U.S. colleges see little risk from Ebola, but depend on students to speak up --NY Times


Vanderbilt University 

Vanderbilt researchers isolate Ebola-fighting human antibodies for possible treatment -- Vanderbilt Research News  

Ebola: Fight fears with facts - MyVU   

Dr. William Schaffner:  Ebola will not spread in U.S. - CNBC  

Senator Alexander's visit highlights efforts to confront Ebola - VUMC Reporter   

Vanderbilt researchers collaborate in multi-center project to find vaccines and treatments for deadly hemorrhagic viruses - My VUMC


Yale University 

Public education, not panic, best approach to Ebola crisis, says Yale expert - Yale News