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Facts About AAU Universities

Stanford University is the largest single employer in Silicon Valley.

Purdue University and Indiana University are both among the top five employers in Indiana.

The University of Rochester is the largest employer in the Rochester region.

Duke University is the second-largest private employer in North Carolina.

The Ohio State University, located in Ohio's capital city of Columbus, is the second largest employer in Franklin County, topped only by the state government.

The Pennsylvania State University is the state of Pennsylvania's largest non-governmental employer.

Brown University is the sixth largest employer in the state of Rhode Island.

The University of Texas at Austin is the largest employer in Austin and one of the largest in Texas.

Washington University in St. Louis has filed 225 new patent applications in the last three years.

University of California, San Diego is the third largest employrer in San Diego County and its faculty/alumni have founded more than 200 companies.

The University of California, Los Angeles has over 1,000 active U.S. and foreign patents.

Tulane University is the largest private employer in New Orleans and a major economic driver in the region, accounting for approximately $920 million in annual economic activity.

Stony Brook University’s impact on the Long Island economy amounts to $4.65 billion in increased output, or gross regional domestic product, and 59,859 jobs.

The University of Florida contributes nearly $6 billion annually to Florida’s economy and is responsible for nearly 75,000 jobs statewide.

The Georgia Institute of Technology's programs for existing industries saved or created 20,000 jobs in Georgia in 2008.