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Universities Address the Economic Recession

AAU members, like most other colleges and universities, have been deeply affected by the economic recession. Many have communicated with their students, employees, and others to explain the impact and to let them know what actions they are taking to ensure the short- and long-term strength of their institutions.

Generally, their first concern has been to do what they can to ensure continued student access, particularly for those from families who have experienced job losses or reduced income. In addition, beyond their customary efforts to be good stewards of their financial resources, many have taken such actions as furloughs or hiring freezes, pay cuts for senior administrators, and delays of capital projects. All have tried to take actions that reduce costs without reducing educational quality. 

Here are communications issued by the presidents and chancellors of a number of AAU universities.

Also here are links to the AAU and broader higher education-community letters that encourage the Administration and Congress to use the economic recovery package to increase funding for student aid, research, and academic infrastructure:

AAU Requests Added Student Aid and Research Funding in the Economic Recovery Package—December 12, 2008

Higher Education Makes Its Case to be Part of the Economic Recovery Package—December 15, 2008

AAU Points to Universities’ Role in Economic Recovery—November 12, 2008


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